Incorrect effective dates were printed on the covers and spines of the 30 April 2015 A/FDs and Supplements. Please see the Safety Alert provided in the URL below for complete information.
Product ID:  PCS
Unit Price:  $7.55

Current Edition #: 160
Effective from April 30, 2015
to June 25, 2015

You can also subscribe to 7 editions for $51.45 beginning with the next edition (# 161) on June 25, 2015 .
Chart Supplement Pacific is designed for use with flight Information Publication, Enroute Charts and with the Hawaiian Islands, Mariana Islands and Samoan Islands Sectional Aeronautical Chart. Included are an airport/facility directory, communications data, weather data sources, airspace, navigational facilities, special notices, and pacific area procedures. Instrument Approach Procedure Charts, Airport Diagrams, Radar Minimums, and supplementary supporting data for the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands are included in this supplement. This book is published every 56 days. The volume is 5 3/8 x 8 1/4 inches side-bound.

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