Product ID:  DDECUS
Unit Price:  $16.45

Current Edition #: 27
File Size: 1,455,308 Kbytes.
Effective from October 15, 2015
to December 10, 2015

New Edition #: 28
File Size: 1,445,391 Kbytes.
Effective from December 10, 2015
to February 4, 2016

You can also subscribe to 7 editions for $115.15. This covers editions effective from February 4, 2016 to March 2, 2017.
Download the entire series of Enroute charts. Charts are updated every 56 days. File size is approximately 1.3GB.

Caribbean Enroute Charts are not included with this set. They are available for free download at: http://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/ifr/ .

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) IFR Enroute Aeronautical Chart series is designed to meet the needs of users who require a digital version chart. The data are provided as a Portable Document Format (PDF) and Geo-TIF format. Both digital formats are created from their respective native chart files. All information that is part of the paper IFR Enroute aeronautical chart is included in the digital image. Only the Geo-TIF format charts are geo-referenced.

Note: When downloading large files, it is best to download one file at a time using a broadband internet connection during off-peak hours.

Click here to access the Dates of Latest Editions (DOLEs) and FAA 28 and 56 Day Aeronautical Product Schedule.