Errors were discovered and resolved in the DAFD_21 xml data file for the Nov 13 effective date.

Some minor data issues were discovered in the XML file associated with DAFD_21. In the Alaska region, there were some entries in the xml file that had no data associated with a single-page PDF file. These issues have been resolved.

If you downloaded DAFD_21 prior to 2:00PM EDT on Oct 28, 2014, you will need to update your files.

Product ID:  DAFD
Unit Price:  $16.45

Current Edition #: 20
File Size: 346,540 Kbytes.
Effective from September 18, 2014
to November 13, 2014

New Edition #: 21
File Size: 327,400 Kbytes.
Effective from November 13, 2014
to January 8, 2015

You can also subscribe to 7 editions for $115.15. This covers editions effective from January 8, 2015 to February 4, 2016.
This download only product contains single and multipage PDF files of all seven US regions plus Alaska & Pacific. The product includes an xml data file organized by State, City Name, Airport Name and Identifier. Navaids are also included in the xml file. No search application is included.

No disk will be sent.

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