The Latitude for the EA record HUBNO (K2) in CIFP is incorrect and should be as follows: N34551529 vice N35551529 This error will be corrected in the CIFP for the 1409 cycle


The version of CIFP 1408 that was posted 3 July 2014 contained PC waypoint coordinate errors. An updated version of CIFP 1408 will be re-posted later today. If anyone has downloaded the file prior to 11:00am Eastern on 7 July, please discard that copy. The updated version can be identified with an entry at the top of the Readme File stating “This is an updated version of CIFP 1408, replacing the version posted 3 July 2014".
Product ID:  CIFP

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Coded Instrument Flight Procedures (CIFP) formerly the National Flight Database (NFD) is a dataset, modeled to the Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) Aeronautical Radio Incorporated (ARINC) Navigation System Data Base (NDB) international standard (ARINC 424). The CIFP dataset can be used as a basis to support both En route and Terminal GPS navigation. Currently, ARINC 424 versions 13, 15 and 18 are provided. Version 18 supports WAAS RNAV (GPS) Approaches. The CIFP is raw data. It will require additional processing before it can be loaded into an avionics system. A data dictionary is not supplied with the CIFP dataset. For detailed ARINC 424 format specifications, go to

Elements included are: Airports and Heliports; VHF and NDB Navigation Aids; Fixes/Waypoints; Airways; Departure Procedures (DPs); Standard Terminal Arrival Procedures (STARs); GPS, RNAV (GPS) and GPS Overlay ("or GPS" in title) Standard Instrument Approach Procedures (SIAPs) with their associated Minimum Safe Altitude (MSA) data; Special Use Airspace (SUAs); and Controlled Airspace (Class B, C, and D).

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The CIFP is updated every 28-days and it is only available as an annual subscription (13 issues). It is distributed to customers via CD-ROM. In addition to the CIFP CD-ROM, the CIFP is available from this e-commerce website as a Downloadable Coded Instrument Flight Procedures (DCIFP) and is included with your subscription for free. Subscribers have the option to download the next edition of the DCIFP beginning 16-days prior to the next airspace effective date. Subscribers may download the DCIFP as often as they wish during the airspace cycle. The DCIFP is only available when you purchase a CIFP subscription. Please see the CIFP Letter for complete information.

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