FAA Aeronautical Information Services
Online Catalog and Sales Supplemental Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy Supplement applies specifically to information FAA collects when you visit or transact business on the National Aeronautical Information Services Online Catalog and Sales webpages (Online Catalog). It supplements the FAA Privacy Policy.

We have provided answers to the following questions you may find most important:

What information do we collect automatically online?

When you visit the Online Catalog, we may request and collect the following categories of personal information from you:

  • Contact information (name, address, email, phone, FAX);
  • User names and passwords;
  • Information about what you order from us;
  • Payment information associated with your orders.

We link to the Federal financial services website, www.pay.gov, to handle credit card payments. This Supplemental Privacy Policy only explains our online information practices. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policies for www.pay.gov and other websites that you may reach through links from the FAA website to learn how those sites collect and use information about you.

Why do we collect information online and how do we use it?

We collect personal information online to:

  • Provide you with the Aeronautical and Nautical charts and related products that you request from us;
  • Collect payment for your purchases;
  • Respond to your complaints, comments and questions.

How, and with whom, do we share the information we collect online?

When you pay electronically, we supply the Department of the Treasury with contact information they need to process the transaction.

We also supply information, to package and deliver your order, to warehouse and shipping services.

Do we use cookies or other tracking devices?

We use only "session" cookies in the Online Catalog. This means a small text file is stored on your computer to make it easy for you to move around the webpages without having to continually re-enter your name, password, shopping cart, preferences, or other information. We store the cookie on your computer only during each visit to the Online Catalog. After you turn off your computer or stop using the Internet, the cookie is erased.

How do we secure your password information?

Any password you use to log in is secured so that we cannot tell what it is. We can only verify that you supply the same password each time. If you forget your password, contact us and we can reset it. When you log in using the password we give you, you are required to change it to another password so that our customer service representative will not know what it is.

How long do we keep identification data?

To allow you to return to the Online Catalog to check your orders and make additional orders, we keep identification data indefinitely.

What if you don't want to share your information?

You do not have to use the Online Catalog. You may browse our Online Catalog without signing in. If you do not log in, we collect only the information described in the "What information do we collect automatically online?" section of the FAA Privacy Policy. You may place an order without signing in by contacting us, or you can purchase our products from an Authorized Chart Sales Agent.

How do you verify that our information is correct?

We want to keep accurate information, and to enable you to correct any information that is incorrect. Most of the information we keep is available on the Online Catalog. Click the Account icon at the top of the page and log in if necessary. If incorrect, some of the information can be corrected on the website, but for most of the information, you should contact us.